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Online Marketing offers great potential for any business. Even if you reach only a small local area, you can use online marketing to develop closer relationships with your customers and begin to dominate your market. As more and more people use the internet this becomes more powerful.

And things change all the time.

Just a few short years ago, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and all the other Social Networking sites were just for kids. But now they've become powerful tools for reaching out to your exiting customers and connecting with new ones.

Relationship Building Tactics On Your Websitecustomer meeting

In today's economy everyone understands how important a customer is. Developing and enhancing the relationship with your customers just makes good business sense.

If you've ever calculated the Lifetime Value of your customers then you know that today, it's more important than ever to keep them close to you. Acquiring a customer is one thing, but making sure they come back is just as important.

Your website can play an important role in this process. Sure you want to brand yourself and share your strengths on your website, but a it's also an important opportunity to create greater credibility and trust for you. If you can provide helpful information, coupons and promotions they will begin to look to you as a resource. In these difficult times they can really appreciate that kind of relationship.

If you can become a "solution provider" in their eyes then they'll think of you first when they have a problem.

The following are all tactics we can help you implement on your website to build a relationship with your customers.

Lead/Email Capture

When someone visits your website one of your main Most Wanted Responses should be to get their email address. Once you have their email address you can begin to build your relationship with them through periodic "newsletters" where you share helpful information and let them know about specials and promotions.

This is one of the most underused tactics with online marketing.

And with today's email programs there's lots of ways to respond once they've provided that email address.

Google Places

Google Places is what is commonly known as the maps section on Google. More and more Google is identifying a local search and providing these local listings on it's first page. Getting into this section is critical for a local business. To learn more visit this page.

Add A Blog

A Blog is different than a static website. A Bog can help you interact with your customers. They can ask questions and you can answer. Again this builds credibility and trust for you.

And a simple WordPress Blog is not something that requires any special technical skills. Once it's set up, using it is as easy as using any word processor or email program.

Create A Poll

Want to know what your customers think? Ask them in a poll.

Electronic website polls are easy to add and will give you valuable feedback on your products and services or just what your customers are thinking about.

These tactics to help a website make it to the first page of Google are called Search Engine Optimization. Anyone who has a website has become aware that SEO is an important part of building a website properly. Of course, if you have a site that is on page 2000 in Google's listings then you may be painfully aware.

Add Tracking To Your Website

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One of the major advantages of Online Marketing is everything can be tracked. You don't have to guess where a visitor came from. With proper tracking installed, you can not only find out exactly where that customer came from, but where they go on your site and exactly what happened when they got to your sales or contact page.

You can even set up testing so you know which page layout, headline, or sales copy works best. Yes, online marketing is a wonderful thing.

All this tracking information must be analyzed however. What does it mean that someone left a particular page, or responded positively to an offer or link. This is where knowing your market, and learning more all the time, becomes important. If you can understand your Sales Cycle, the path someone needs to travel before they buy, you can begin to streamline and optimize your marketing tools to help them in this process.

» Learn more about online marketing tracking on this page.

Using Social Networking Sites

One of the latest and most powerful developments is the explosion of Social Networking sites. You can't go any place without hearing about, or seeing links to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and YouTube.

But joining these groups require a gentle hand. Most people go there because they feel that they will be among friends and not bombarded with sales info. If you plan to market there, be sure you offer plenty of helpful worthwhile info. Otherwise you be "de-friended" very quickly. Afteral it's called a "social network" for a reason.

Create A Video

With most people having fast Internet connections these days, the opportunity to use video is for real. Video as a marketing tool is exploding on the web. Nothing creates credibility faster than getting to meet a business owner "in person" on your website.

Now were not talking about Hollywood quality here. All you need is a "reality TV" level video to get the job done. People just want to feel your sincerity and genuiness and then they will feel much better about doing business with you.

And you can also "leverage" that video by not only putting it on your own site but by putting it on sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and the many other video sharing sites that are poping up.

Traffic Building Tactics

Yes, building a relationship is the most important thing you can do with a website. But you can't have a relationship until you have a customer first. So getting people to your website is the first step in getting them to become a customer.

Beyond Search Engine Optimization

Well actually, this is still part of advanced SEO but most people think of SEO as being what you do on your site to make your site "search engine friendly."

Actually, there's many, many things you can do "off-site" that are critical for building traffic. And these tactics not only bring you traffic directly but they also make your site look better in Google's eyes, so they will give you higher rankings on their Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Links into your site from other "authority" sites help convince Google that your site is worthy of being listed highly. So these tactics will bring some (not a lot) of direct traffic but they will also add to your "link popularity" which is a critical long range traffic building tactic. It may take many months to see the effects. But eventually the work will be worth it.

The New Authority — Social Proof

More and more, Google and other search engines are taking into account your "likeability" as a ranking factor. With Google+ the handwriting is on the wall. They realize that social networking is a major way people gain credibility for their business. A "like" on Facebook or some other social "proof" is a growing criteria for ranking and will be even more important in the future. So taking part in Social Media and building your brand there is something you must do to compete online.

Social Media Sites

Participating in site like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, HubPages, LinkedIn, Squidoo, Scribed, Pinterest, eZineArticles, and many others allow you to add links to your site. These links are seen by Google, as well as potential customers, and eventually will effect your PageRank with Google.

Craig's List

Advertising on Craig's List is a good way to advertise for free but also to get more backlinks.

eBay Branded Store

Anyone can create their own store on eBay. This may not be appropriate for some businesses, but if you've got hard goods to sell, this can definitely help.

Feeder Sites

Small mini sites, optimized around your main keywords, can be a great source of new customers, back links and, if you put an email capture on the sites, you grow your email list too.

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