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What Is AdzZoo?

AdzZoo is a Search Engine Marketing company that specializes in search marketing campaigns. They are one of only 160 Google AdWords Qualified Companies in the United States. Click here to learn more about what that means.

In addition, on September 27th, they were designated as a Google AdWords Certified Partner. This takes AdzZoo's relationship with Google to an even higher level. You can read more information about what that means here.

So What Does This Mean To You?

It means when you choose AdzZoo you'll have a team of Google experts who know how to get your company on the first page of Google. And that means more business and more customers for you at the lowest customer acquisition cost of any advertising medium.

What Does An AdzZoo Advantage Campaign Include?

Each search marketing campaign that AdzZoo sets up for it's customers includes...

AdzZoo provides not just one ad but a complete Campaign so your business can begin to dominate on Page 1 of Google. And with AdzZoo you don't have to be a Search Engine Optimization expert (or hire one). You just sign up for a campaign and your ad will show up on the first page of Google — even if you don't have a website. It's that easy.

Got a Minute?

» Click on this link to see a short video of what AdzZoo does for businesses.

What About Over Time?

The beauty of an AdzZoo campaign is the longer it runs the better your results will be.

As your optimized website develops traction on Google, your ad will start appearing in organic listings too. That means your ad could appear several times on the first page of Google. Now that's dominating the Search Engines.

The AdzZoo's 5 Campaign Fronts

To make sure you dominate in the Search Engines AdzZoo promotes your company on five campaign fronts.

AdzZoo Campaign Fronts

1. Optimized Website
AdzZoo's first step is to build a search engine optimized web page for you. This page not only brands your company and communicates your Unique Selling Proposition but also includes a map, link to your website, phone number, and email lead capture. If you don't already have a website you won't need one to get new customers.

2. Geo-Targeted Google Search and Facebook Advertising
AdzZoo places an ad on the first page of Google (guaranteed) that links to your optimized website. This ad is written by professional copywriters and is designed to "get the click" and drive traffic to your web landing page.

You also get contectually relevant and demographically targeted advertising on Facebook. Your ad will display on Facebook based on your target audience as defined by you.

3. Google, Yahoo, and Bing Maps
Your ad will show on the maps section of Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines. This is in addition to your Geo-Targeted ad. This works especially well with hand-held devices like smart phones and GPS devices.

4. Push To Ad Network and Directories
Your Ad is also shown on all Google Search Partners like Facebook, CNN, YouTube, Food Network, and many others.

Your web page is also submitted to hundreds of online directories. Over time this helps increase traffic and the ranking of your page and it will begin to climb higher and higher in Google's organic search listings.

5. Campaign Monitoring and Reports
AdzZoo's Google Experts will constantly monitor your Campaign to make sure that the best keywords are being used and that it continues to achieve high rankings on Google's first page.

You will also receive a monthly report that details exactly which keyphrases are being used and how many times your ad was displayed to searchers. You'll also know exactly how many time your ad was clicked on while being displayed on Google.

These five fronts work together to make sure your ad continues to grow your business over time. Again, the longer your campaign lasts the more powerful it becomes.

Pick Your Campaign Range

Each AdzZoo Campaign is Geo Targeting. That means it will be focused on searchers in your specific area.

You can choose exactly how much of your local area you want to cover and how many leads you want to capture. If your customers come from a close proximity you can limit your campaign to just where your customers live, as little as a 5 mile radius.

If you want to grow your business you can expand out until you have all potential customers covered in your area. The wider the area you choose the more leads you will capture. It's up to you and your budget.

Check out the campaign offerings on the right to choose which campaign is right for you.

AdzZoo Adds Mobile Marketingmobile phone

AdzZoo recently added Mobile Text Marketing to it's suite of products. Now your business can engage your existing customers by sending them coupons and promotions directly to their cell phones. This means you can develop a closer relationship with your customers and drive business during slow times or when you have special promotions you want to tell them about,

Here's how it works...

Once you get your customers to opt in to your Mobile Marketing Database, either via your landing page, web site, or counter display, they can now be sent a text message announcing your latest "special".

» To see an example of how someone would opt in visit this page.

» To learn more you can download this flyer that explains exactly how it works.

Would You Like A No Obligation Consultation?

» Contact me if you're ready to get your business on the first page of Google in as little as 7 days

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I've been in marketing for over 30 years. Most of that time I was a freelance graphic designer but since 2005 I've been specializing in online marketing.

My first job in online marketing was as an Affiliate Manager. If you don't know what that is don't worry. Basically I helped companies market their products online through an affiliate program. You can learn more at my affiliate marketing website if you like.

I continued to learn the details of online marketing and since 2008 I've been offering my services as an online marketing consultant to many individuals and companies who want to improve their online marketing.

There are a lot of ways to meet new customers online. It all starts with "meeting people where they are now" in the search engines or on social media sites. How you do that is where I come in. I can help you...

• Build a website

• Get that website on the first page of Google

• Do Pay Per Click (AdWords)

• Create Your Sales Funnel so you move people to choose you and give you a call

• Create a Social Media presence to drive new customers to your website

If you're new to Online Marketing and want to learn the basics, please visit my Online Marketing Primer. It will give you the 10,000 foot view of how it all works.

If you'd like to arrange a free 30-minute personal consultation contact me here.

I look forward to helping you take advantage of the "best form of marketing ever invented" and finding new customers online.

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AdzZoo Local Online Marketing

Campaign Options

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Aggressive Plan

All of the above plus...

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Market Leader Plan

This plan is customized for you to provide Maximum Online Exposure for your business. That means...

What "Exposure" Means

A good analogy would be fishing with a net. There are 3 factors that would determine how many fish you catch...

By selecting Competitive, Agressive or Market Leader plans you can choose how much of each of these factors you want to apply to your campaign.

So based on your budget, or how aggressive you want to be with your marketing, you can choose the Campaign that is right for your business.

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